Easy Apps Business Ireland

Easy Apps Business are dedicated to creating the best value mobile apps for small and medium sized businesses across Ireland.
As the majority of people now have a smartphone, business people need to become more aware of the growing importance of mobile marketing, how it works and how it can benefit your business on an ongoing basis.
It has been proven that businesses will spend less and less on advertising as more customers download their app.
Why not book a free consultation now and find out how our app builders can create the perfect app for your business.

Arc Logger

Digital Thermometer App

Classic Hits

Radio Station


Water Filter Selector


TV channel

Cherry Orchard

Football Club

MJ Flood

Printing and Imaging

The Finest


Mill Bar

Bars and Pubs


Over 70% of the population now have smartphones and the percentage is growing every year.
Mobile marketing is the world’s most powerful marketing tool ever invented.
If you don’t have a mobile marketing app for your business, then you are possibly throwing away a large chunk of repeat business.
Mobile apps are the most effective and affordable way to communicate with customers.


Increase your visibility

You can have your business logo on your clients phone 24/7

One touch access

With just one click, clients can phone you, email you or we can link your app to your website or Facebook page if required.

Push Notifications

Encourage repeat business from your platform by sending information about upcoming events, ie sales, special offers, product launches, special events, through push notifications as often as you like and it’s free.
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